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Just as with our sister school in the UK, Wellington College in Tianjin offers boarding as an option for pupils aged from 11-18 years. The Benson, the boarding house, provides first-class pastoral care within a safe, modern and exclusive residential facility located next to the main school. Boarders enjoy all the educational opportunities available to all Wellingtonians, but with the addition of a genuinely close-knit community group which has all the hallmarks of a genuine family atmosphere. Most boarders are resident from Sunday to Thursday and are able to go home at weekends. For others, weekend boarding provides an individualised programme, with time set aside for study, leisure, sports and exercise as well as communal dining and socialising.  

Boarding Life at Wellington


Wellington’s wonderful buildings and the campus in Tianjin offer facilities on a scale that the vast majority of international schools can only dream about. We believe there could be no better or more attractive setting in China for a Wellington boarding education. Wellington College in the UK is one of the most prestigious and popular boarding schools in the country. The boarding house has separate accommodation for boys and girls, starting from Year 7 upwards, with comfortable and spacious dormitories and study-bedrooms.

Our priority is to focus on the well-being of the individual within a carefully managed boarding programme, overseen by the Housemasters and their tutors, who as a team are determined to make our programme as good as anywhere in the world. We also encourage close parental involvement in our boarding programme, and visits by families and friends will be welcomed.

Our Boarding aims to Develop:
•    Community spirit
•    Social skills
•    Respect for others
•    Self-motivation
•    Responsibility
    A wide variety of interests

Advantages of Being a Wellington Boarder

•    Ideal preparation for the independence of university
•    A truly international, multicultural environment
•    Focus on study leads to outstanding academic results
•    Academic and pastoral support from a dedicated Housemaster and tutors
•    Full access to our state-of-the-art facilities on site
•    Full advantage of the College’s extended early evening programme
•    It’s relaxed and fun and you spend a lot of time with your friends

Boarding teaches valuable lessons for life, developing vital independence, self-confidence and teamwork, lifting the whole student experience to another level. There is a powerful sense of community and belonging in a boarding environment. Few, if any experiences at this age can teach such valuable things or can build a realistic self-confidence quite so successfully.


For each of our boarders, we hope they feel the powerful sense of community and belonging in a boarding environment and their individual roles and opportunities in it. The opportunity to be fully immersed in all aspects of school life, whether it be academic, sporting, cultural – indeed anything the boarder may choose will help develop their sense of self-worth. Learning to be independent enables our boarders to find their own path, develop skills and be more compassionate to others. Boarding really does teach lessons for life, few, if any experiences at this age can teach such valuable things about independence, tolerance and teamwork, or can build a self-confidence quite so successfully.

University Preparation

Senior School and especially Sixth Form boarding is increasingly popular as a way for pupils to prepare themselves for a more independent life at university. The House staff will support the boarding pupils’ studies and help foster those independent learning skills that are so crucial to success at University. Boarders learn to look after themselves and others in all manner of ways, form managing their coursework to preparing a meal for themselves and budgeting their spending money. In a more practical, direct way, House tutors will support each pupil through the University application process, along with the Head of Sixth Form, making sure they pick the right establishment for them and help prepare them accordingly.

Boarding Facility

The boarding house of Benson affords comfortable, spacious and practical accommodation for all the students; in order for them to socialize, study and rest. The students are allocated a shared apartment with a selection of twin and single rooms; with a central kitchen and living room. Each apartment has two bathrooms shared by a maximum of 7 students. The bedrooms are well-appointed with each student being provided with a single low-level bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, rug and bean bag. They are at liberty to add temporary personal touches and additional furniture at the discretion of the head of boarding. Each apartment has air conditioning and heating.

In addition to the student apartments, Benson House has its own study and art room; alongside a gym and recreation room. The latter offers a range of activities including, pool, table tennis, air hockey and table football. There is a tuck shop offering light snacks and drinks, both hot and cold. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building, which has an appropriate fire-wall. The boarding house is adjacent to the main school campus, with its many facilities and resources, all of which will be accessible to boarders, under supervision, in the evenings and weekends.

The safety of the students is of paramount importance. The building has a four-level security access system, with CCTV in all corridors and entrance points. There is a new fire alarm system, along-side regularly checked evacuation routes. There is a clear and effective signing in and out process ensuring the safety of all Benson residents.

All boarding staff are first aid trained and have 24hr access to the medical staff employed by the college. There is direct access to the local United Family clinic and other hospitals in the locality.

Boarders' Testimony

Catherine (Year 10)

“Benson is a very welcoming family, with people who are filled with love and enthusiasm. I arrived in Benson this year and blended in with this family in less than a day. We can share our secrets and our feelings with my family here. Everyone, especially the staff are always willing to listen and talk whenever we need them. From my experience, I guarantee that it is impossible for anyone to not fit in and love this community. It’s the best, people here are the best, and for me, this place shows so much love, and it’s an adorable family.”

Arthur (Year 11)

“I’ve been a boarder for more than four years, I have to say that Benson House has changed a lot, but it always gives me a feeling of a home. Staying at Benson I always have good times; I think living with my friends is quite exciting, we can meet new roommates; we always have things to chat and socialize about. Benson is a small house, there are new boarders coming every year; if you have an interest in joining us, please come, we always welcome new members.”

Vivian (Year 13)

“I have lived in Benson House for almost three years: Benson to me is like a family. We live together, study together and spend good times together. I became a full boarder one year ago when Mr and Mrs Wood arrived. Pupils in Benson are always nice and patient to each other. This year I live with there girls in my apartment, we are all Year 13, we know each other very well and are close friends. I love Benson it has changed me so much. I love you guys: we are the best family.”

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